Since our Go Gluten menu kicked off last winter, we've always tried hard to accommodate everyone's tastes, needs and intolerances when it comes to the food we serve. We had so many requests for lactose-free, dairy-free and vegan that we decided this was another group of customers we wanted to make as happy as all the rest.

So, in October, we launched our Vegan Nights and the Very Vegan menu has been super well received. There are sweet and savoury crepes, sundaes, gelato, sorbet, smoothie and shake options that are totally vegan friendly and amazingly lush. 

Come on in any Tuesday and Wednesday from 5pm and choose from the Very Vegan or ask the girls for help on choosing something decadent and delicious that might give you even more options. If take-up goes as well as we're hoping, we'll look at rolling out this great menu even further. Thank you lovely vegan peeps :)

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